Lightingimages engagement in residential projects includes bungalows, condominiums and high quality service apartments. Lighting design for a dwelling revolves very heavily on the lifestyle and preferences of the occupants. We take a very proactive approach in discussing the design and listening to the preconceived suggestions and ideas that the occupants may have of lighting. These ideas are integrated with the interior design to achieve a well-coordinated approach, where light enhances living experience.

A fully manageable lighting control system that senses daylight and occupancy is useful to ensure that the lighting is activated only when needed. This contributes to energy savings and reduced maintenance, which can be important considerations to the client.

The outcome should be an integrated lighting system that is easy to manage and one that enhances the lifestyle of the occupants. LightingImages is also involved in the lighting design of residential complexes, where safety, light trespass and sustainability is important to maintain the quality and look of the development.